A short Instagram and Facebook feed post I made for Audi during Christmas 2019. In the post Santa is seen driving one of the new Audi models with a virtual cockpit dashboard. The cutting edge navigation guides him in the snowy night to where he needs to go.
This post had to be designed last minute and was made in only a day. It is fully made in after effects by compositing various images together. I cut out the windows of an interior shot of santa sitting in an Audi, added in the moving road outside, blurred it for realism and added some camera shake to convey motion. Afterwards I added some light effects every couple seconds to make it look like Santa was driving past street lanterns. And finally I cut out the virtual cockpit in the picture and replaced it with a 3D animation one of the amazing animators at Blossom had made. After some color grading, a christmas tune and some final touches I had the result you see here.
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